Examining and Predicting Lower-Extremity Overuse Injuries With Computerized, Video Gait Analysis

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American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
85 minutes
Examining and Predicting Lower-Extremity Overuse Injuries WithComputerized, Video Gait Analysis provides an overview of key factorsinvolved in conducting a computerized pressure analysis of a person's gait andhow the results of that analysis can be used to help forecast the likelihood ofthat individual suffering an overuse injury. Featuring a Clinical Workshop fromthe ACSM annual meting, the DVD explains how video can be employed inconjunction with a computerized pressure analysis. The DVD also reviews howsuch data can be utilized to create an orthotic that is appropriate for theperson's situation.
  • Goal of Orthotic Prescription
  • Symmetry
  • Application of the MetScan System
  • Demonstration