Overuse Running Injuries to the Lower Extremity

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Matthew Matava, Janice K. Loudon, Jennifer E. Earl-Boehm
61 minutes
Overuse Running Injuries to the Lower Extremity provides an overview of the most common overuse conditions of the lower extremity encountered by runners. One segment of the DVD, presented from an orthopedic surgeon's perspective, describes the etiology of these injuries, as well as common symptom patterns that are typically encountered. The DVD also addresses physical examination methods and diagnostic tests, given their role in helping to formulate an appropriate diagnosis. In addition, the DVD details treatment options, with a focus on non-operative treatment emphasizing strengthening and neuromuscular retraining exercises that are aimed at correcting dynamic malalignment. In addition, the DVD reviews the indications for surgical intervention and a general discussion of operative techniques used by orthopedic sports medicine specialists.

Among the topics covered:

• Overuse Running Injuries to the Lower Extremity (Matthew Matava)
• Lower-Extremity Kinematics in the Running Athlete (Janice K. Loudon)
• Overuse Running Injuries to the Lower Extremity: Interventions (Jennifer E. Earl-Boehm)