Wellness is Wealth: How to Partner and Profit

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Anoop Chaturvedi
61 minutes
Wellness is Wealth: How to Partner and Profit explores the fact that wellness is multifaceted. The DVD also provides an overview of the key elements of wellness that can be organized into a medical wellness program. In addition, the DVD presents a wellness chakra that represents a new form of medical fitness, including elements of intellectual, emotional, physical, environmental, social, financial, and personal wellness. In addition, the DVD points out that a person's health is that individual's wealth, as well as makes the case that wellness is medicine.

Among the topics covered: 

• The wellness chakra 
• Wellness = teamwork 
• Wellness = nutrition 
• Relaxation spa 
• Wellness = aesthetic equipments 
• Wellness = harmony 
• Dr. mobile wellness 
• Integrated fitness-spa-medicine