Simply Fit Senior-Epub

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Cindy Haskin-Popp

The number of older adults is increasing at an extraordinary rate, resulting in a historic demographic shift across the world. According to the United States Census Bureau, older adults will outnumber children for the first time in U.S. history by 2035; and by 2060, one in four Americans will be aged 65 years and older. As a result, the need for the development and implementation of health, wellness, and fitness programs designed to help aging individuals preserve their functional independence and extend their healthy life years lived has become paramount. Today’s older adult population is more diverse than ever with respect to functional mobility, health status, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation and gender identity. Accordingly, it is increasingly important for anyone working with or concerned about older adults to be educated and equipped to service the unique needs of the current aging adult population.

In that regard, Simply Fit Senior takes an integrative approach to the promotion of successful aging by addressing the physical, mental, social, and sexual health components of well-being as they pertain to the older adult. The book focuses on the health challenges faced by aging individuals that impact the design and implementation of health promotion and disease prevention programs, such as neurocognitive impairment, fall risk and prevention, pharmacologic interventions, substance abuse, age-related hormonal shifts, social isolation, age-specific nutritional requirements, and health disparities related to race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation and gender identity. Furthermore, the book outlines the role that physical activity plays in delaying age-related declines in functional ability and in the prevention and management of chronic health conditions common to older adults, such as osteoporosis, arthritis, depression, and cardiovascular disease and its risk factors. As such, the book explains how to make modifications to the older adult’s exercise and wellness programs in order to meet their individual needs and goals so that vibrancy, vitality, and vigor can be achieved in the golden years.