Medical Fitness Essentials-Epub

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Robert D. Boone
114 pages

What’s wrong with the healthcare system in the United States? Well, for starters, there is no “health” care system: we have a “sick” care system. Financing the current healthcare system in the U.S. is not sustainable and is already having grave effects on the overall economy. Worldwide, the U.S. spends more money per capita on health than any other country. It is also far from the healthiest. What if there were a low-cost, highly effective prevention and treatment strategy that could dramatically lower the cost of care, give people true control over their own health, and improve health outcomes? There is and you can find it in the practice of medically integrated fitness.

Nearly 80% of health-related challenges that individuals face—such as chronic disease, illness, and injury—are a direct result of lifestyle choices. Commitment to routines, including proper exercise, clean eating, and sufficient rest, along with appropriate vaccinations, make up the core of preventive medicine. These foundational elements are the key to creating a sustainable population-based model of healthcare.

Bob Boone is a pioneer in the medical fitness industry who has spent his career in healthcare administration, developing and helping to redefine an ancient medicinal concept into a modern, evidence-based methodology fully integrated into the healthcare continuum. His new book, Medical Fitness Essentials, offers a comprehensive look at the history of exercise as medicine and the growth of the medically integrated fitness industry. This definitive overview of the medical fitness industry—past, present, future—will serve as an invaluable resource to health/fitness and medical professionals everywhere by outlining a practical way to assist people in taking control of their health on a broad, population-wide basis.

Medical Fitness Essentials presents an innovative and sensible approach to improving the health status of people and, by extension, the nation. Whether you are a health/fitness professional hoping to understand how to position your business to receive physician referrals, or you are a medical practitioner exploring what population health will mean in your community or your practice, this thought-provoking book provides a historical perspective for current and future opportunities to improve the health of our population, one person at a time.