PAVING a Woman’s Path Through Menopause and Beyond-Epub

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Michelle Tollefson, Beth Frates, Amy Comander
Healthy Learning
336 pages

Women in midlife and beyond are bombarded with multiple stressors: aging parents, children or childlessness, health issues, work, and home issues. To live a healthy and vibrant life, women must regroup and address their own wellness. The Paving the Path to Wellness Program is an amazing guide for women on this journey. The importance of nutritious food, sleep, mindfulness/stress reduction, and movement/exercise cannot be overemphasized, and will reap benefits in every aspect of health and disease prevention.

For many women, the midlife transition, with its accompanying symptoms related to hormonal shifts, changes in relationships (such as aging parents and children leaving home), and increased awareness of the health challenges that may present in midlife and beyond, also provides a powerful opportunity to reassess and reengage with lifestyle factors that can improve health and well-being. Building on the previous PAVING the Path to Wellness Workbook by Drs. Frates, Tollefson, and Comander, this new program provides thoughtful questions that invite self-reflection and evidence-based information on the latest science regarding movement, nutrition, social connection, meaning, and purpose, as well as tools and strategies to support women in the implementation of practices that contribute to thriving in midlife and beyond. The depth and breadth of experience from the authors in their personal and professional lives and working with thousands of women is evident in this practical, thoughtful, and compassionate guide. This program is a great resource for both patients and clinicians.

PAVING a Woman’s Path Through Menopause and Beyond is designed for every woman who wants to feel good about herself, while being empowered to live her healthiest life. Solid information and self-reflective activities, presented in a gentle and welcoming way, will inspire and guide the reader to choose her own path towards better health—through midlife and beyond.