Making Money at Small-Group and Partner Training

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Alex McMillan, Sherri McMillan
55 minutes
Small-group training has become extremely popular in clubs and training studios around the world. In fact, some facilities have opted to no longer offer one-on-one personal training, since group training can be more profitable for the trainer and the business, and often is often more fun and economical for clients. Making Money at Small-Group and Partner Training provides an overview of how to program and market small-group and partner training. The DVD also details the benefits attendant to and the logistics involved in this incredible business opportunity.

Among the Topics Covered:
  • Benefits to the personal trainer, client, and business
  • Partner training
  • Small-group training
  • Large-group training
  • Packaging and bundles
  •  Logistics of running
Produced in cooperation with IDEA Health and Fitness Association.