Get a Leg Up on Balance Training

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Fabio Comana
58 minutes
Balance is foundational to all training, and yet is often overlooked when training most populations. Balance is a learnable attribute that can improve physical, cognitive, and emotional parameters of human performance. As such, it should be included in every program, from beginner to expert. Get a Leg Up on Balance Training reviews several basic balance assessments and examines the role that balance plays within the key functional domains of posture, gait, multisensory control, and performance. The DVD also demonstrates a number of balance games that can be used to develop this essential trait that progress in task complexity and skill level-from simple static to a more advanced dynamic.

Among the Topics Covered:
  • Balance terminology
  • Balance and the core
  • Basic core function
  • Training the core and balance
  • Level one: core function
  • Level two: static balance
  • Level three: dynamic balance
Produced in cooperation with IDEA Health and Fitness Association.