Core Off the Floor!

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Shannon Fable
56 minutes
Core Off the Floor! is designed for individuals who are tired ofperforming endless crunches. The DVD provides an overview of aunique approach to core training that involves removing the crunches,getting off the mat, and putting kettlebells, medicine balls, andBOSU® Ballast™ Balls in the participant's hands. The DVD explainshow exercisers can swing and clean, lift, shift and shake, or throwand catch, while engaging muscles so deep they'll wonder whatthey've been doing all these years with their core training. Not onlyare the exercises effective, but they are also functional, whereparticipants learn to use momentum to their advantage and operatein a vertical manner that is similar to what they encounter every day.

Among the topics covered:
  • Lecture
  • Sample exercises/warm-up
  • Tubing
  • Medicine ball
  • BOSU® Ballast™ Ball
  • Kettlebells