Brian J. Whipp's Scientific Legacy: Extra Ordinary Insights and Future Direction

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David Poole, Harry B. Rossiter, Susan A. Ward, Andrew M. Jones
57 minutes
Brian J. Whipp`s Scientific Legacy: Extra Ordinary Insights and Future Direction features a group of internationally recognized experts who address a series of challenging issues involving the work of Brian J. Whipp, a visionary and influential pioneer in modern exercise physiology. The DVD presents over two hours of information, insights, and ideas concerning how these issues might be convincingly resolved in the context of contemporary, state-of-the-art approaches for interrogating physiologic-system directly non-invasively, and through mathematical modeling and simulation. The DVD is designed to provide a better integrative understanding of exercise tolerance in health and disease.

Among the topics covered:
  • Perspectives of scientific logic: hindrances to understanding (David Poole)
  • The "anaerobic threshold" concept
  • Brian J. Whipp`s scientific legacy: extra ordinary insights and future direction (Harry B. Rossiter)
  • Necessary consequences
  • The exercise hypernea: feedback, feedforward, redundancy (Susan A. Ward)
  • Coupling of ventilation to metabolic rate during exercise
  • Performance: optimal energetics for training and competition (Andrew M. Jones)
  • Power-time relationship: the critical power concept