Advanced Educational Seminar on Concussions

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Lakewood Orthopaedics and Sports Medicines
67 minutes
Advanced Educational Seminar on Concussions provides a comprehensiveoverview of a seminar that addressed the key factors involved inevaluating and managing concussed athletes. Conducted by LakewoodOrthopaedics and Sports Medicine, the seminar featured the insights andideas of several of the most respected professionals in the fields ofmedicine and sports medicine.

The DVD offers an exceptional resource for everyone who is interested in cutting-edge information on concussions, including:

• Introduction (Terry K. Gemas)
• The Forensic Pathology of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy inProfessional American Athletes: The Journey So Far (Bennet I. Omalu)
• Management of the Concussed Athlete Without the Use of On-Line Cognitive Testing (Luis Palacios)
• Neuropsychological Testing in Sports Medicine (Robert J. Dimeff)
• Concussion From the Player's Perspective (Ken Danforth)
• Building the Enlightened Warrior (Vincent Ferrara)
• Managing the Concussed Athlete From the Coach's Perspective (Jeffrey Dicus)
• A Roundtable Discussion on the Status of Concussions: Where Do We Go From Here?