Concussion: Intervention and Rehabilitation Strategies

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Janna Fonseca, Johna K. Mihalik, Kevin Guskiewicz
70 minutes
Concussion: Intervention and Rehabilitation Strategies provides a detailed overview of what can be done to effectively address the issue of concussive injuries. The DVD reviews the fact that over 50% of concussions may go unreported and that, in this regard, education is essential, since injuries that are not identified cannot be assessed and managed. The DVD also details a series of behavioral and equipment interventions that can be undertaken to decrease the number of concussions that occur. In addition, the DVD looks at existing evidence on treating concussions and discusses several possible rehabilitation strategies for dealing with concussions.

Among the topics covered:

• Introduction (Janna Fonseca)
• Outline (Johna Mihalik)
• Behavior and Equipment Interventions
• Academic and Physical Accommodations (Kevin Guskiewicz)