Thermoregulation and Exercise

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Jack Ransone
81 minutes
Thermoregulation and Exercise reviews the basic factors that are involved in the regulation of the body's core temperature during exercise training. The DVD examines the process of the body trying to balance heat while being physical active, as well as points out several of the key internal body temperature measures indicate the baseline for the possibility of experiencing the onset of a thermo-related illness. The DVD also discusses several strategies involving thermoregulation, for maintaining health and performance.

Among the topics covered
  • Evaporation
  • Heat balance
  • The hypothalamus and hyperthermia
  • Losing a little weight means a lot
  • Heat: fluid rehydration and acclimatization
  • Cardiovascular exercise in the heat
  • Monitoring fluid balance: practical issues
  • Nutrition mistake
  • Sodium
  • Hyponatremia