The Science of Restoration: Enhancing Athletic Performance

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Jack Ransone
54 minutes
The Science of Restoration: Enhancing Athletic Performance discusses the key factors involved in restoring an athlete who has been injured to a healthy, ready-to-compete state. The DVD explores the fact that the greater the athletes place on their bodies, the greater the need for recovery. The DVD also details several strategies that can enhance the recovery process. In addition, the DVD points out the need to have a specified plan for recovery. The DVD is designed for coaches, athletes, and athletic trainers in all sports.

Among the topics covered
  • Factors affecting performance
  • Individual variability
  • The key to recovery is avoid overtraining
  • General adaptation syndrome
  • Aerobic muscle fatigue
  • Anaerobic muscle fatigue
  • Alactic muscle fatigue
  • Methods of restoration
  • Training methodology
  • Russian restoration system
  • Essential recovery methods
  • Ideal fluid replacement beverage
  • Acclimatization example for track and field
  • Restorative modalities