The ACE Integrated Fitness Training â„¢ (ACE IFT â„¢) Model

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Todd Galati, Fabio Comana, Pete McCall
57 minutes
The ACE Integrated Fitness Training ™ (ACE IFT ™) Model workshop provides an in-depth review of the American Council on Exercise's Integrated Fitness Training Model - an innovative program that provides personal trainers with a systematic, detailed approach for exercise program design, assessments, and facilitating lasting behavioral change. Tools for behavior change are introduced and applied through interactive group activities, and the ACE IFT Model's two primary training components – functional movement and resistance training and cardiorespiratory training – are explored through lectures, a case study with multiple progressions, and active participation in different exercises for each training phase. This DVD provides a comprehensive training solution that can be applied with clients at any point along the health/fitness/performance continuum.

Among Topics Covered:
  • Rapport, Communication, and Behavior
  • Personality Indexing – Tools and Application
  • Stages of Change – Tools and Application
  • Rethinking Assessments – Considerations for Appropriate Assessments and Timing
  • Functional Movement and Resistance Training Phases: Stability & Mobility through Performance Training
  • Cardiorespiratory Training Phases: Aerobic-base through Anaerobic-power Training
  • ACE IFT™ 3-Zone Training Model