So You Think You Are Practicing Legally

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Shannon Leftwich, Michael Chisar, Keith Webster
156 minutes
Because the practice of athletic training is controlled by state law (practice acts), it can vary from state to state. Regardless of what they are trained to do, athletic trainers are limited in what techniques they employ, whom they treat, and where they work by what their state's specific practice act allows. In reality, however, athletic trainers often practice illegally, outside of compliance with these practice acts, without even knowing it. So You Think You Are Practicing Legally demystifies practice acts, discusses common pitfalls that may cause an athletic trainer to be disciplined by the state, and describes how athletic trainers can improve a restrictive practice act in their state.

Among the topics covered:

• State Practice Acts: What Are They and What Do They Mean to the Athletic Trainer? (Shannon Leftwich)
• So You Think You Are Practicing Legally (Keith Webster)
• How To Improve Restrictive Practice Acts in Your State (Michael Chisar)