Reaching Today`s Athletic Training Students Through an Effective Academic Advising Program

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Russ Richardson
106 minutes
As higher education has become increasingly complex, the demand for more and better quality academic advising has followed. Consequently, academic advising has become an area of research with multiple and competing theoretical models to explain and guide university policy and advisor practice. Reaching Today's Athletic Training Students Through an Effective Academic Advising Program explains how advising programs can be developed with measurable objectives contributing to improved student outcomes. By enhancing the understanding of academic advising related to athletic training, the DVD details why the development of an operational understanding and by identification of the components for an effective advising program will have a positive impact on the ability of academic advisors to identify, evaluate, and validate their role in the professional development of ATS. The DVD reviews the fact that considering that academic advising is both developmental for the student and evaluative for the professor (advisor), an appropriately designed, constructed, and validated academic advising program will contribute to the success of students entering the profession of athletic training.

Produced in cooperation with the National Athletic Trainers` Association (NATA).