Medical Challenges in Athletes

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Karl B. Fields, Russell D. White, Amy Powell, Rob Johnson
62 minutes
Medical Challenges in Athletes explores the premise that participation in sports can often make certain medical conditions a bit more difficult to manage. The DVD is designed as a resource who want to make sports participation more beneficial, as well as safer. Featuring four highly respected sports medicine professionals, the DVD explores a variety of the most challenging medical issues confronting athletes. The DVD offers cutting-edge information and insights regarding each potentially problematic challenge.

Among the topics covered: 

• Hypertension in the athlete JNC VII and VIII (Karl B. Fields) 
• LVH also seems associated with FB participation in college 
• Diabetes mellitus and the athlete (Russell D. White) 
• Management problems in DM with exercise 
• Medications with implications in active people (Amy Powell) 
• FQ tendinopathy 
• Exercise-induced bronchoconstriction: a stepwise approach (Rob Johnson) 
• Pathophysiology