Low-Back Pain: Prevention and Intervention

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Rodney Corn
63 minutes
Low-back pain is a debilitating condition that affects tens of millions of people worldwide. In fact, research suggests that almost 80% of individuals will suffer at least one bout of back pain during their lifetime. Despite the ever-expanding epidemic nature of this painful condition, it is still not well understood. What is known is that there are a number of possible factors that contribute to back pain, with a seemingly endless array of suggested corrective strategies. Low-Back Pain: Prevention and Intervention is designed for fitness professionals who have to deal with clients on a daily basis who have low-back pain. The DVD provides an up-to-date review on what the research has found about the factors that impact back pain and possible strategies for addressing these factors.

Among the Topics Covered:
  • Definition of low-back pain
  • Epidemiology of low-back pain
  • Classifications of low-back pain
  • Prevention strategy
  • Intervention strategy guidelines
  • Corrective strategies
  • Areas of primary concern
Produced in cooperation with IDEA Health & Fitness Association.