Lessons Learned From the Coal Face of Sports Nutrition

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Louise Burke
92 minutes
Lessons Learned From the Coal Face of Sports Nutrition presents an overview of six of thesubstantive lessons she acquired over the course of working in and conducting research forover two decades in her field. The discussion of each lesson includes a review of the keyinformation, basic ideas, and compelling insights she gained concerning that particularlesson. The DVD offers a compelling resource for every health/fitness professional who isinterested in applying the concepts and principles of sports nutrition.

Among the topics covered:
  • Lesson 1: research is important, but therules of engagement are different
  • Lesson 2: athletes often know morethan we do
  • Lesson 3: ideal sports nutrition is acomplex mosaic (not just blackand white)
  • Periodizing low carbohydrate availabilityfor greater training adaptation
  • Lesson 4: event nutrition is aboutfinding the sweet spots
  • The sweet spot for an individualizedhydration plan
  • Lesson 5: athletes have a brain aswell as muscles
  • Lesson 6: sports nutrition isa team sport