Intro to Athletic Training as a Physician Extender

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Erickson, Greene, Khaja, Bernhardt, Bagnato, Dieringer, Pecha, Lane, Konin, Herod, Spencer, Balowski
59 minutes
Intro to Athletic Training as a Physician Extender looks at the role of a physician extender in the healthcare continuum. The DVD reviews the evolution, history, and career paths of athletic trainers who serve as physician extenders and details the benefits of such an arrangement. The DVD also discusses the general perception that physicians tend to have of athletic trainers.

Among the topics covered:

• Introduction (Tate Erickson)
• The Evolution, History, and Career Path of the Physician Extender Athletic Trainer (Joe Greene)
• The Athletic Trainer Physician Extender: A Collaboration of Daily Duties (Shari Khaja)
• How Physicians value Athletic Trainers (David Bernhardt)
• Orthopaedics and the Certified Athletic Trainer (Katherine Bagnato)
• Career Development Experiences (Kathy Dieringer)
• Athletic Training: Residency Program Standards (Forrest Pecha)
and many more...