Health, Fitness, and Lifestyle Medicine: The Future is Now!

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James Rippe
76 minutes
Health, Fitness, and Lifestyle Medicine: The Future is Now! explores the
impact of exercise, as well as adhering to positive habits on a daily basis, in
both short- and long-term health and quality of life. The DVD discusses various
behaviors that affect an individual's health and points out that in that regard,
lifestyle choices involve complex, interrelated behaviors. The DVD also reviews
the fact that traditionally people have been relatively slow to change their
behavior. In addition, the DVD details several lifestyle-related principles to
which health/fitness professionals should ascribe.

Among the topics covered:
• Behaviors affecting health
• Lifestyle choices are complex, interrelated behaviors
• A timeline of advances in lifestyle medicine
• Authoritative guidelines emphasize lifestyle
• Slow to change
• Strategy: be aware, be intentional
• Strategy: model healthful behaviors
• Principles for health and fitness professionals