Corrective Exercise for Shoulder Impairments

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Eric Beard
51 minutes
The shoulder joint is complex and is often injured in both the athletic and nonathletic populations. Corrective Exercise for Shoulder Impairments provides an overview of common impairments and injuries involving the shoulder. Featuring a breakout session at the 2009 ACSM Health & Fitness Summit, the DVD details the key characteristics of shoulder impairments and offers corrective strategies that can be employed to remedy movement impairments of the shoulder. The primary focus of the DVD is to identify what individuals with shoulder problems can do to help ensure that they can continue to exercise safety and effectively.

Among topics covered:
  • Rationale for Corrective Exercise for the Shoulder Complex
  • Anatomical Review
  • Common Impairments and Injuries
  • Movement Assessments
  • Interventions to Remedy Movement Impairments
  • References