Contemporary Issues in Cardiac Rehabilitation (Clinical Exercise Physiology Association) - Symposium

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Randal J. Thomas et al
46 minutes
Four renowned clinical exercise physiologist are featured in this extended resource thatexplores several key points of concern with regard to cardiac rehabilitation. ContemporaryIssues in Cardiac Rehabilitation (Clinical Exercise Physiology Association) reviews a numberof effective cardiac rehabilitation programs, policies, and practices. The DVD also looks atsome of the general science attendant to cardiac rehabilitation.
  • Keys to improving value anddelivery of cardiac rehabilitation(Randal J. Thomas)
  • Problem with delivery of CR?
  • New opportunities: changes inmedicare coverage for cardiacrehabilitations (Karen Lui)
  • CR coding & billing60th Annual ACSM Meeting
  • Making the assist: how exercise trainingcan benefit patients with left ventricularassist devices (Dennis J. Kerrigan)
  • LVAD Hemodynamics during exercise
  • Prescribing exercise when there`s noexercise test (Carl Foster)
  • Experimental studies