Cancellations, Excuses, and Unrealistic Expectations

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Nicki Anderson
37 minutes
Tired of your clients canceling halfway through their training package? Frustrated with their lack of motivation? Cancellations, Excuses, and Unrealistic Expectations details the real reasons clients don't meet their goals and how personal trainers can help turn the situation around. The DVD reviews the most common reasons clients cancel, fail, and ultimately quit. How personal trainers can create a successful partnership with their clients that can help ensure long-term success, as well as secure a long-term trainer-client relationship, is explained.

Among the topics covered:
  • First impressions
  • Setting your clients up for success
  • Getting into the head of your clients
  • Don't let history repeat itself
  • Teach your clients about the process
  • Goal setting/assessments
  • Healthy living is forever
Produced in cooperation with the IDEA Health and Fitness Association.