NSCA Endurance Training Symposium

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National Strength and Conditioning Association
495 minutes
The (12) presentations from the two-day NSCA Endurance Training Symposium are featured on two extended-play DVDs. Over eight hours of authoritative information on the theories and rationale behind developing a training program for endurance athletes, including:
  • Introduction
  • Optimization of Physiological Adaptations for Endurance Sports
  • Program Design
  • Training Tools for Endurance Athletes
  • Sports Nutrition
  • The Impact of Resistance Training on Endurance Performance
  • Injuries and the Endurance Athlete
  • Altitude Training and Endurance Performance
  • Power/Force Dynamics of Cycling
  • Using Metabolic Markers in the Design of Effective Endurance Programs
  • NutritionPeriodization for Optimal Performance
  • Conclusion
Produced in cooperation with the National Strength and Conditioning Association.