Mental Health in Athletes—New Awareness and Novel Challenges

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97 minutes
Mental Health in Athletes—New Awareness and Novel Challenges provides a compelling look at an increasingly recognized and discussed topic in the sports community—mental health. Featuring a panel of well-respected sports medicine professionals, the video addresses a variety of key issues affecting the mental health of athletes. The underlying message of the video is the need for athletes to balance successful participation against injury and internal and external pressures.
Among the topics covered: 

• Introduction (Eugene Hong)
• Psychological response to athletic injury (Lynda Mainwaring)
• Bullying and hazing in the athletic culture (Alex B. Diamond)
• Are athletes at greater risk of suicide? (Ashwin Rao)
• Are athletes more or less prone to depression (Andrew T. Wolanin)
• Psychological issues related to illness and injury in athletes (Margot Putukian)