How to Increase Revenue With Weight-Loss Programs

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Brian Sekula
114 minutes
How to Increase Revenue WithWeight-Loss Programs explains how health/fitness clubs can besuccessful when administering weight-loss programs. The DVD addressesthe fact that while weight loss is promoted as a benefit by almost allclubs, very few succeed in that regard. The key issue is how to involvemore people in these weight-loss programs and to have them achieve theirgoals. In fact, as the DVD points out, the lack of success and the lackof participation in these programs are closely interrelated. The DVDalso examines why this interrelationship exists and why it is important.

Among topics covered:
  • Weight loss as a benefit
  • Therelationship between the lack of success and lack of participation
  • Regulationof fat tissue
  • Dietary carbohydrates
  • Why isthis important?
  • Results
  • Revenues
  • Keepingyour sanity