Acute and Chronic Responses to Concentric and Eccentric Exercise

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Marco V. Narici, Hans Hoppeler, Nicholas A. Burd, Per Aagaard
113 minutes
Acute and Chronic Responses to Concentric and Eccentric Exercise explores the fact that the forces developed by the two types of muscular contractions are substantially different between each other. Featuring four internationally renowned health/fitness professionals, the DVD outlines and reviews several of the differences that exist, from an acute and chronic perspective, between concentric and eccentric exercise.

Among the topics covered: 

• Molecular and cellular responses to acute and chronic eccentric exercise (Hans Hoppeler) 
• Muscle function 
• Structural remodeling of human skeletalmuscle with concentric and eccentrictraining (Marco Narici) 
• Hypertrophy of pinnate muscle 
• Neural control of eccentric and concentriccontractions: functional implications and effects of resistance training (Per Aagaard) 
• Spinal motorneuron excitability assessed by recording of evoked spinal motorneuron responses 
• The effect of resistive exercise on muscle carbohydrate and protein metabolism (Nicholas A. Burd) 
• Current thesis