A Sports Medicine Approach to Ergonomic Injuries

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Erik Nason, Mary K. Kirkland, Linda Mazzoli, Phil Wryre, Debbie MacLean, Marty Matney
111 minutes
A Sports Medicine Approach to Ergonomic Injuries discusses the role of athletic trainers, regardless of their work setting, in dealing with ergonomic injuries. In that regard, the DVD offers a resource for athletic trainers who want to better understand how to recognize ergonomic injuries, how to treat them, and what can be done to help prevent them. The DVD provides an overview of ergonomics as a scientific discipline, as well as outlines why sports medicine professionals can be particularly effective in addressing the issues of ergonomics injuries in an occupational/industrial setting.

Among the topics covered:

• What is human factors/ergonomics?
• What can lead to back pain?
• The fulcrum effect
• Lifting principles
• Myofacial trigger points
• Back ergonomics and lifting techniques demonstration
• Myofasical release-symptom recognition and treatment demonstration
• Office ergonomics/workstation microbreaks demonstration