The Role of Inflammation Testing & Building Resilience

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Mark J. Tager
25 minutes
The Role of Inflammation Testing & Building Resilience discusses the fact that 50% of heart
attacks and strokes occur in people with ‘normal' cholesterol levels. In that regard, the DVD
points out that clinicians recognize that the primary pathology underlying cardiovascular
disease is inflammation. Accordingly, the DVD reviews the need for inflammation testing,
which involves a group of blood and urine tests that provide a complete picture of
cardiovascular risk. Incorporating inflammation testing into health promotion programs can
help identify apparently healthy people (with normal serum lipids) who are at near-term for a
cardiovascular event. Such testing can also be used to monitor health status improvement. The
DVD emphasizes the fact that inflammation testing provides sophisticated risk stratification
that enables providers and payers to more accurately target health and wellness efforts.

Among the topics covered:

• Biomarker testing available to define risk
• Cleveland heartlab has “it”
• Inflammation (the response to injury)
• Multimarker approach for identifying and
• Population studies
• Corporate implications
• How does it uniquely idenfity?