The Painful Groin

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Adam Weir, Jon Patricios, Adam Zoga, Asheesh Bedi
99 minutes

The Painful Groin presents of an overview of how sports medicine professionals can best initially address and then manage groin pain in athletes. The DVD points out internationally agreed-upon common language and consistent definitions that can be used to classify a range of painful groin conditions, based on clinical examination. The DVD then provides a comprehensive review of the intrinsic and extrinsic factors involved in groin injuries, and describes the complex anatomies and functions in the areas where pain can occur. In that regard, the DVD discusses training and exercises for non-surgical treatment, as well as a suggested rehab protocol for groin injuries requiring surgery. The DVD also includes an analysis of numerous MRI images from injured athletes to illustrate and explain various “sports hernia” and musculoskeletal injuries. In addition, the DVD details several underlying hip issues, such as hip dysplasia, labral tears, and impingement, each of which often cause groin pain and can eventually lead to osteoarthritis. Actual arthroscopic images are utilized in the DVD to demonstrate recent surgical advances in hip preservation that have made it possible to address pre-arthritic hip pain and deformity in active patients, as well as to help avoid hip replacement.