The Evidence-Based Shoulder Exam: How to Do It, What it Means, and Using It in Your Practice

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Edward McFarland, Tim Uhl, Chuck Thigpen, Eric Sauers
316 minutes
The Evidence-Based Shoulder Exam: How to Do It, What It Means, and Using It in Your Practice provides an overview of the basic and complex techniques involved in performing a shoulder examination in a thorough and competent fashion. Featuring a two-disc set, the DVD details the commencements of the examination and explains how to properly perform the techniques attendant to the shoulder exam. The DVD also includes an evidence-based discussion of what the examination means in terms of how it can be used in the daily efforts of athletic trainers. In addition, the DVD reviews the various types of examinations needed, the interpretations of the examinations, and how this information can be utilized in making a diagram of shoulder disorders.

Among the topics covered:

• Neurovascular Testing (Chuck Thigpen)
• The Evidence-Based Shoulder Exam: Shoulder Range of Motion and GIRD (Tim L. Uhl)
• Shoulder Instability and Laxity (Edward G. McFarland)