Creating Longevity in Fitness

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Krista Popowych
102 minutes
Creating Longevity in Fitness is designed for health/fitness professionalswho may be feeling a little burned out or wondering whatsteps to take next to make a change in their fitness career. TheDVD emphasizes the fact that working full-time in the fitness industrycan be a very rewarding career, and doesn't necessarily meanthat health/fitness professionals need to be stuck inside a gym24/7. The DVD explains how health/fitness professionals can eitheradvance within their current organization or use their knowledge tostep out of the box and try something new. Becoming a presenter,writing a book, producing a DVD, starting their own business-anything is possible with a plan and a little hard work. The DVDdetails how individuals create and live their fitness dream.

Among the topics covered:
  • Self-evaluation
  • Are you ready for a career change?
  • What interests you?
  • Follow your passion
  • Getting started on a new path
  • Diversification vs. specification
  • Developing your own longevity plan
Produced in cooperation with the IDEA Health and Fitness Association.