Creating Additional Income Streams

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Tom Perkins
108 minutes
For many businesses, creating additional streams of income is away of ensuring a continuation of their business well into thefuture. Creating Additional Income Streams explains how fitnessprofessionals can achieve additional income streams that can assistthem in generating income during particularly lean months andthroughout the year. The DVD also details how to assess andevaluate resources for additional income stream potential and howto promote services and products that complement currentbusiness endeavors. The DVD is an exceptional resource for fitnessprofessionals who want to develop potential income streams that willsupport their business and allow them to work smarter, not harder.

Among the topics covered:
  • Fitness industry overview
  • Fitness business makeovers
  • Fitness business revenue streams
  • Eight steps to building multiple revenue streams
  • Product ideas
  • Critical components
  • Affiliate programs