Closing the Chain on Shoulder Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention

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Steven Tucker
73 minutes
Clinicians implement a variety of rehabilitation techniques into shoulder rehabilitation and injury prevention protocols. Because debate continues as to which techniques provide the greatest benefits, implementation of these techniques is often based on anecdotal evidence. Closing the Chain on Shoulder Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention addresses some of the common biomechanical adaptations that occur in the shoulder injured athlete, the current literature for rehabilitating and preventing shoulder injuries, and the evidence supporting the use of closed chain exercises. The DVD places a particular emphasis on upper-extremity closed chain techniques that address the common biomechanical adaptations, which can be progressed to achieve clinical goals.

Among the topics covered:

• Shoulder injuries
• Overhead injury prevention
• Open kinetic chain
• Closed kinetic chain
• Push-up
• Cuff link
• Supine pull-up
• Example patient