Biologic Therapies

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J. Patricios, K. Harmon, J. Finnoff, B. Cole, G. Filardo, B. Halpern, M. Schwellnus
203 minutes
Biologic Therapies provides an overview of using platelet-rich plasma to stimulate the healing of bone and soft tissue. Plasma-derived therapies are biologies extracted and purified from human plasma. Featuring over three hours of information, ideas, and insights from seven renowned and respected medical and healthcare professionals, the DVD discusses the utility of employing platelet-rich plasma to treat various sports injuries.

Among the topics covered:

• Tendinopathy Management: Silver Bullet or Silver Lining? (Jon S. Patricios)
• Platelet Rich Plasma: Understanding the Variables (Kimberly G. Harmon)
• PRP in Tendinopathy: Human-Evidence-Beyond Testimonials (Jonathan Finnoff)
• PRP and Cartilage (Brian J. Cole)
• PRP The Italian Perspective, Use, and Future Directions (Giuseppe Filardo)
• Osteoarthritis and PRP (Brian Halpern)
• The Future of Cartilage Repair (Brian J. Cole)
• Born to Break Down? Genetics in Soft Tissue Injuries (Martin Schwellnus)