AMSSM Concurrent Sessions Case Presentations

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Run Time:
136 Minutes

AMSSM Concurrent Sessions—Case Presentations features twelve separate compelling presentations on a variety of sports medicine-related topics. Among the issues covered are the following:

• Introduction (Jason A. Maganye)
• Why am I laughing a lot over nothing? (John J. Wilson)
• Chest pain in a soccer player (Benjamin P. Smith)
• 12-year old softball player with hand pain (Chris Clemow)
• Right elbow pain in an adolescent baseball player (Ryan Woods)
• It’s not always in the knee: a common presentation with an emerging diagnosis (Steven Poon)
• Should elite athletes abide by a different set of rules? (Sourav Das)
• Case of Exertional Leg Pain (Carmen Wong)
• A cup hal-full: acute groin pain following trauma (Victoria Chen)
• An unusual case of chronic foot pain (Brett Wilhoit)
• Diplopia in a 6 Y/O female after head injury (Sean C. Engel)
• An unusual cause of wrist pain in a rower (Reed C. Williams)
• Acute radiating low back pain after Olympic lifting (Erek W. Latzka)