Adiposity, Fitness, and Cardiometabolic Health: The Tale of the Tape

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Jean-Pierre Despres
59 minutes
Adiposity, Fitness, and Cardiometabolic Health: The Tale of the Tape presents a compelling review of the key factors involved in andiposity and body fatness. Featuring the D.B. Dill Historical Lecture from the 2012 ACSM annual meeting, the DVD defines the basic parameters of obesity and discusses the health risks associated with this condition. The DVD also points out the fact that the location of fat on the body (i.e., where body fat accumulates) is more important than the amount of body fat, with regard to health risk. The DVD also looks at the association between excess liver fat (visceral adiposity) and cardiometabolic risk.

Among the topics covered:

• Background
• What is obesity?
• Inflammation and cardiovascular disease
• The “metabolic syndrome”
• Excess liver fat: another feature of visceral obesity
• How to estimate visceral adiposity in clinical practice
• Lack of vigorous physical activity: a component of our “toxic” lifestyle leading to abdominal obesity
• What is it with these fat/fit individuals?
• Management of visceral obesity: the medical approach