Absolute Truths of Nutrition: What You Need To Know

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Melinda Manore, Chris Melby, Marianne Dixie Stanforth, Kristine Clark, Laura J. Kruskall
120 minutes
The (6) presentations from the 2005 ACSM Health & Fitness Summit pre-conference meeting on the current scientific findings concerning several of the key issues attendant to sound nutrition are included on a single DVD. Over three hours of authoritative information and insights, featuring:

• Nutrition Truths I: What Do You Really Need to Know About the Basics (Melinda Manore)
• Nutrition Truths II: How Much Do Calories Count? (Chris Melby)
• Diets Through the Decades (Dixie Stanforth)
• Healthier Restaurant Eating: 10 Skills & Strategies (Kris Clark)
• Dietary Supplements: Can You Believe All the Claims? (Laura Kruskall)
• Panel Discussion (Melinda Manore, Chris Melby, Dixie Stanforth, Kris Clark, Laura Kruskall)