Healthy Hearts, Healthy Women

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Christine Wells
265 pages
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Some are inclined to believe that heart disease-is heart disease, but the differences between men and women should not be downplayed. Healthy Hearts, Healthy Women has four primary goals and purposes: to convince you that the dangers of heart and vascular disease are very real and important health problems for women; to enable evaluation of individual and unique risks for diseases of the heart and blood vessels; to inspire and empower you to control your heart-health, both mentally and physically; and to provide the means by which you can alter your lifestyle to one that is heart-healthy with aerobic exercise, a non-atherogenic diet, and a life of loving and kindness to yourself and others.

The book was written for women who are "at risk" for diseases of the heart and blood vessels, any woman who currently has heart disease, and anyone who has a loved one "at risk" or already diagnosed with heart disease.