Yoga I.S. ®: Teaching to Multiple Levels

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Lauren Eirk
110 minutes
The reality of teaching that health/fitness professionals often face is that their students have different bodies, learning capacities, mindsets, and abilities. As a result, one of the primary focal goals of instructors must always be to teach to the student, rather than the group. When facing a room of individuals, teachers can find meeting this objective to be quite a challenge. Yoga I.S. ®: Teaching to Multiple Levels explores the power of cuing, sequencing, and modifications. The DVD explains how instructors can use these skills to make themselves world-class teachers, able to create an invigorating mind-body experience for all of their students.

Among Topics Covered:

• The science of Microprogression®
• Levels of practice
• Questions to ask when teaching Hatha yoga
• Yoga Asanas
• Triangle poses
• Dandasana