Showcase Talks in Sports Medicine

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Run Time:
103 Minutes

Showcase Talks in Sports Medicine features a variety of presentations on a diverse array of topics, each given by an expert who is relatively new to the experience of speaking at the annual AMSSM Conference. Initially, the video reviews several of the key aspects of the connection between injuries and mental health. Then, the video analyzes the available efficacy data regarding topical diclofenac, as well as examines the evidence for off-label uses and future directions for topical diclofenac. In addition, the video discusses general concepts of rehabilitation and points out how they relate to regenerative interventions. The video also looks at the definition and changing epidemiologic picture of exertional heat illnesses. Furthermore, the video considers the existing data concerning driving after experiencing a concussion. Next, the video evaluates the effectiveness of ACL prevention programs in reducing ACL injuries. Finally, the video tackles the topic of the evolving epidemiology of and risk factors for UCL injury in throwing athletes.