Pushing the Limit

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Sourav Poddar, Robert Dimeff, Cindy Chang, Andre La Gerche, Irfan Asif, Jim Puffer, Chad Asplund
99 minutes

Pushing the Limit provides an overview of the expanding role of the sports medicine physician. The video reviews the underlying premise that served as the basis of the Team Physicians Consensus Conference statement of what is essential versus what is desirable for team doctors to know about a strength and conditioning program. The video also examines the use and benefits of injections for muscle strains, including the gamut of treatment options, if an injection is chosen, platelet rich plasma therapy, efficacy, and injection recovery data. With an increasing number of disabled people becoming active and competing in sports at all levels (including the Paralympics), the video further explores how physicians can best work with these athletes and be aware of the most common medical issues attendant to this population (i.e., commonly centered around spinal cord injuries). It also details how to spot the symptoms and pathophysiology of these individuals, as well as how to manage these conditions. The video examines the characteristics, assessment and recommended tests, and management of syncope and exercise-associated collapse (EAC) in athletes. Finally, the video features a summary of the inaugural AMSSM Traveling Fellowship to Australia, an academic exchange of clinical immersion with the purpose of encouraging interchange and exploring common medical interests with international sports medicine leaders.