Post-Game Strength and Conditioning Routine for Pitchers

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Karl Kuhn
37 minutes
Post-Game Strength and Conditioning Routine for Pitchers presents an overview of a post-game ritual for pitchers designed to repair their bodies in order to prepare their bodies to pitch again. The DVD explains that the first thing that a pitcher should do after pitching competitively, performing skill work, or doing any kind of game-like routine is to flush his body aerobically and anaerobically. The DVD then outlines that the next course of action for a pitcher is to do a series of bodyworks exercises, working the smaller muscles first and then the larger muscles. In addition, the DVD points out that pitchers need to maintain the same posture while doing bodyworks exercises that they adhere to while pitching.

Among the topics covered:

• Posture
• Chair work
• Vertical work
• Horizontal work
• Core body work
• Swiss ball work