Leadership and Professionalism in Sports Medicine

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Run Time:
30 Minutes

The 2016 David Hough Memorial Lecture, Leadership and Professionalism in Sports Medicine explores how and why physicians can subjugate their own needs and values for the betterment of others, as well as for the benefit of their patients. The video features ideas and insights on both leadership and professionalism. It also emphasizes the fact that if the members of AMSSM are willing to exert the effort and make the requisite commitment, leadership is accessible. In addition, the video points out several of the challenges confronting physicians in their everyday practice. Furthermore, the video discusses the need for physicians to focus on their true role as a healer and, in that regard, be able to separate the noise from what is truly important. The video also reviews the issue of physician burnout and uses the Drummond Model of Job Satisfaction to help better understand physicians’ attitudes toward their jobs. Finally, the video addresses the need for collaboration between orthopaedics, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and primary care sports medicine.