Keep ‘Em Running—Advances in the Evalution and Management of Exertional Leg Pain

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113 minutes

Keep ‘Em Running—Advances in the Evaluation and Management of Exertional Leg Pain presents a cutting-edge overview of the effort-induced condition known as exertional compartment syndrome. Featuring several world-renowned sports medicine professionals, the video reviews the latest research and developments attendant to the measurement and treatment of this painful leg syndrome.

Among the topics covered:

• Introduction (Chad A. Asplund)
• Chronic exertional compartment syndrome histology or historical? (Andy Franklyn-Miller)
• Atypical vascular causes of exertional leg pain in the athlete (Kevin Cohoon)
• Neurologic etiologies of exertional lower extremity pain in the athlete (Mederic M. Hall)
• Non-surgical procedures of exertional leg pain (Jonathan Finoff)