Heavy Core Weight Program for Pitchers

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Karl Kuhn
30 minutes
Heavy Core Weight Program for Pitchers provides an overview of a heavy-duty weight training workout that can be performed by starters and relievers between their pitching appearances. For starters, the goal is to lift as much weight as they can handle properly, which adhering to the correct posture, in order to break their bodies down and then build them back up. Since the primary objective for relievers, on the other hand, is maintenance, their workouts are not intense, using less weight. The DVD explains and demonstrates a variety of exercises that can be included in the weight program, as well as details four suggested “Ps” that should be followed when performing each exercise (pinch, pull, push, pull).

Among the topics covered:

• The four P's
• Dumbbell press
• Heavy dumbbell curls
• Chest on thighs
• Heavy dumbbell lawnmowers
• Heavy dumbbells shrugs
• Heavy barbell curls
• Bench press
• Lunges
• Lat pulldown
• Incline press
• Pec deck
• Vertical bench
• Leg curls