Grow Your Retail Sales and Ancillary Revenues

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Bonnie Patrick Mattalian
55 minutes
Grow YourRetail Sales and Ancillary Revenues explores why it is essentialthat health/fitness clubs have a strategy for sales. The DVD explainshow clubs can use member segmentation to help them make decisions onprograms, products, and services. The DVD also reviews how clubs' canidentify the current drivers of consumer buying decisions, as well asdiscusses how clubs can determine action points for a successful salesprocess for programs, products, and services. In addition, the DVD looksat specific operational actions that clubs can undertake to improvetheir ancillary revenue sales.

Among topics covered:
  • Member segmentation and preferences
  • Marketingdemand and pricing
  • Programs and services
  • Compensationand incentives
  • Marketing and selling for success
  • YourInternet presence
  • Ancillary sales
  • Retailsales