Energy Estimation Wheel, Chart and Energy Balance Wheel (2 Wheels + Chart)

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Sachiko St. Jeor
2 Wheels + Chart
These easy-to-use tools help you put“energy balance into practice.”

The large dial uses height, weight and gender to arrive at a finalResting Energy Expenditure - REE (RMR) value. The small dial allows youto calculate individual daily calorie excess or deficit for clients.And, the Energy Estimation Chart – 11” x 17” --is an excellentresource.

These useful tools were created by the University ofNevada School of Medicine's Division of Endocrinology, Nutrition andMetabolism, Department of Internal Medicine.

Receive both wheels, chart and full instructions for only $15.

TheAmerican Dietetic Association recommends* the equation for allregistered dietitians to use to estimate energy balance in theirpractice.